Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning MinnesotaWhenever you invite someone to your home or business to do work, you are entrusting them to not only do a good job for you, but to show consideration for the things that you hold dear.

We at Fine Shine Exteriors can not only can we keep your windows sparkling, but we can also do the extras you might be looking for such as vacuuming the tracks, cleaning the screens, and hard water stain removal.

We have many clients that we regularly clean for throughout Minnesota. We can work with whatever needs your home or business may have. If you need us to arrive before you open, we can.

If you only need the outside cleaned, it’s no problem. Having a visit or inspection from corporate or visitors from out of town? We can make time for a special cleaning. We will do what it takes to make your windows reflect what you work so hard for.

We clean all types of windows new or old, and clean all residential windows by hand using ladders, and get hands on with the glass. This we feel is important because normally windows that are cleaned once or twice a year don’t come clean the first time, and may need to be scraped with a razor blade. This can be done with a extension pole or water fed pole, but there is nothing like doing it by hand where you can see all the imperfections, and do final detailing. We do offer deionized water fed pole cleaning for exterior windows, if you prefer. It’s cheaper for you, and easier for us, but we are not sold on it. We also clean the window sills, screens and wipe down the frames.

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