Screen Repair & Replacement Services

Window and Door Screen Repair & Replacement MinnesotaWindow screens allow us to keep our windows open to bring fresh air into the room. If your window screens won’t stay in or have frame damage, have lost their pull tabs, or the mesh is torn or loose, you can rely on Fine Shine Exteriors to help you get it repaired quickly and cost-effectively. If your window screen can be fixed at a lower cost than having it replaced, we will give you that option.

We specialize in affordable window screen repair options to help you keep your screens functioning better and longer. If any window screen requires replacement, Fine Shine Exteriors provides our clients the best possible options and pricing for any situation. When your window screens need attention, no one knows window screen repair than Fine SHine Exteriors.

We use professional screening products and fix most screens on site so there is no waiting to get your screen back. We screen anything, window screens, door screens, and three season patios.

There are many different types of screen, most common are fiberglass, aluminum, and pet proof, they all come in grey, charcoal, silver, and more are available. Screen frame, and doors come in many colors also. We are able to get additional hardware for most windows and doors.

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