Holiday Lights Installation Services MN

Holiday Lights Installation Services MinnesotaYou get many options, without confusing contracts and long term agreements. We Love Christmas, and our lord and savior Jesus Christ! We want all of our customers to have a great looking display. Whether it is a simple run of lights along the roof-line or, a full display with house, trees, shrubs, and figurines all lit up in a winter wonderland.

Fine Shine Exteriors is the professional choice! We have several years of experience. Our employees have been through safety training, and do ladder work year round. We have the right equipment for the job, and deal with difficult tasks every day. Installing holiday lights is fun, but can be dangerous! So leave it to us, the professionals.

You can lease the lights from us. We will help, or design the display. We will install, and take the lights back down at a scheduled time. This also includes any repairs if needed. All rolled into one price. Also, by going this routr you can change your display from year to year, so you’re not stuck with the same display each year. Also not to mention, we store them for you!

If you own your lights we can just install them for you. Also you may buy lights and hardware through us, or from any retailer.

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