Dusting & High Dusting Services MN

Residential & Commercial Dusting ServicesWe all know what a nuisance dust can create. One minute you are wiping things down and the next thing you know, you’re wiping it down again.

At Fine Shine Exteriors, don’t let our name fool you, we do interior too!

We offer dusting services to help eliminate the stresses of having to do the tedious stuff yourself. With a busy lifestyle like most of us in today’s technology based world, getting to it tomorrow just doesn’t happen. There simply isn’t time.

We dust high places and pretty much whatever else you might request! Wall’s, shelve’s, chandeliers, stair rails and banisters, wood blinds, etc. Normally a damp microfiber rag is used, but sometimes our clients have a special cleaning product they want used.

If you’re interested in our Dust Cleaning services, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 651-353-8174.