14We Offer A Wide Variety Of Service To Our Clients:

  • Year round Window Cleaning
  • We offer holiday lighting, and snow removal!
  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Ceiling fan and Chandelier dusting
  • Hot or cold water pressure washing

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Snow Removal

7We offer residential and small commercial snow removal. There are many reasons we stand out from the competition! All of our customers are priority. If you want your snow removed by 7am we do everything in our power to make it happen! We don’t push you off for a higher paying job. If our schedule is full we will not take any more work on. There is nothing worse than a contractor that is overwhelmed. There is information that needs to be taken onto account when doing snow removal. We make sure we know the property, and install markers if needed (you do not want your lawn destroyed). Also we take into account the condition of the driveway, sidewalk, etc. if it is in less than ideal condition, we will make note of it, and use a means of removing the snow without making the surface worse. We also make sure our equipment is maintained, so no fluids leak.

  • We prefer charging on a per time basis with monthly invoicing. If you insist on a seasonal bid, we can certainly provide you for one.
  • Commonly a two inch minimum is required, but we will always accommodate you with your preferences. Ice melt and sand will be applied as directed by you.
  • Call (651) 353-8174 or email for a quote.

Holiday Lights

8You get many options, without confusing contracts and long term agreements. We Love Christmas, and our lord and savior Jesus Christ! We want all of our customers to have a great looking display. Weather it is a simple run of lights along the roof line, or a full display with house, trees, shrubs, and figurines all lit up in a winter wonderland. Fine Shine Exteriors is the professional choice! We have several years of experience. Our employees have been through safety training, and do ladder work year round. We have the right equipment for the job, and deal with difficult tasks every day. Installing holiday lights is fun, but can be dangerous! So leave it to us the professionals.

You can lease the lights from us. We will help, or design the display. We will install, and take the lights back down at a scheduled time. This also includes any repairs if needed. All rolled into one price. Also by going this rout you can change your display from year to year, so you’re not stuck with the same display each year. Also not to mention we store them for you!

  • If you own your lights we can just install them for you. Also you may buy lights and hardware through us, or from any retailer.
  • Call (651) 353-8174 or email for a quote.

Year Round Window Cleaning

We clean all types of windows new or old, and clean all residential windows hands on, that means we use ladders, and get hands on with the glass. This we feel is important. Why? Normally windows that are cleaned once, or twice a year don’t come clean the first time, and may need to be scraped with a razor blade. This can be done with a extension pole or water fed pole, but there is nothing like doing it by hand, you can see all the imperfections, and do final detailing. We do offer deionized water fed pole cleaning for exterior windows, if you prefer. It’s cheaper for you, and easier for us, but we are not sold on it. We also clean the window sills, screens and wipe down the frames.


Screen Repair and Replacement

We use professional screening products and fix most screens on site, so there is no waiting to get your screen back. We screen anything, window screens, door screens, and three season patios. There are many different types of screen, most common are fiberglass, aluminum, and pet proof, they all come in grey, charcoal, silver, and more are available. Screen frame, and doors come in many colors also. We are able to get additional  hardware for most windows and doors.

Gutter Cleaning

When we clean gutters we do this by hand as well. All debris is removed and put in a bucket, and we dispose of the waste unless otherwise instructed. Then we rinse out all the shingle grout. We offer gutter guard installation also. Gutter guard is a great help, but eventually debris gets through, and to have the gutter guard removed, and then cleaning the gutters gets costly. It’s a matter of preference, with the guard you maybe able to go 3-4 years with out cleaning the gutters, but expect a big bill to remove and clean, after gutter guard is installed.

High Dusting

We dust high places! Wall’s, chandeliers, wood blinds, etc. Normally a damp microfiber rag is used, but some times our clients have a special cleaning product they want used.

Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washing

We clean any type of surface, roofs, fascia, soffit, siding, decks, driveways, sidewalks, garages, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, and much more! Each project demands accurate amount of pressure and chemical if needed. In some cases waste water retrieval is needed. Hot water or steam is used to remove grease, oil, gum, etc.

With the number of services we offer to are customers, I assure you that our staff and ownership team is well trained, and educated to provide you with the highest quality services.